DMSO has been called a “miracle” drug capable of relieving pain, diminishing swelling, reducing inflammation, triggering healing and restoring normal functions of organs. Many doctors such as Dr. Morton Walker, Dr. Stanley Jacob, Dr. Shalim and many others examined the powerful and compelling cases for the use of DMSO in the treatment of many debilitating diseases and health related problems.

DMSO is a simple by-product of wood industry, existing in all plants on this planet; it is the best-known solvent to mankind due to its tremendous molecular polarity. It easily dissolves water- and fat-soluble products of all kind.

It is one of the most studied product, over 30000 indexes are found only in U.S. National library of Medicine ( It was many times demonstrates that DMSO is not toxic and its therapy profile is unquestionable.

It has over 40 known pharmacological indications and it does its job always in the most efficient way.

DMSO Health Benefits and Therapy Indications

  • Promotes excretion of urine; many patients with different genitourinary disorders were successfully treated: Peyronie’s disease, interstitial cystitis (single treatment still today approved by FDA), acute epididymitis

  • It is a muscle relaxant

  • It boosts immune system, increasing production of white cells and macrophages

  • It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties

  • Increases permeability of cells’ membrane, allowing toxins flushing

  • It has radioprotective properties against lethal and mutagenic effects of X rays

  • It has cytoprotective properties, protects against injury due to freezing

  • It inhibits cholinesterase enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine, one of the most important neurotransmitters

  • It is the best heavy metals detoxifier (binds to Aluminum, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Nickel and eliminates them via urination and sweating

  • FDA approved DMSO for preservation of stem cells, bone marrow cells and organs for transplant, as well as for therapy of interstitial cystitis and cancer radiation protection

  • DMSO is an effective pain killer, blocking nerves conducting pain signals

  • Reduces inflammations and swelling by reducing inflammatory chemicals

  • Improves blood supply to injured area by dilating blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity

  • Increases delivery of oxygen to the cells

  • It is the most potent radical’s scavengers known to man, transporting these substances through excretory ways

  • It penetrates the skin and blood brain barrier with ease, enters the bloodstream

  • Protects the cells from mechanical damages, it needs a fraction of time to achieve this as compared with pharma drugs

  • It has a calming effect in CNS and it reaches all area of the body when absorbed through the skin

  • It brilliantly acts as a carrier for all other drugs, supplements and it potentiates their effects; for ex. corticoids, antibiotics and insulin are showing less undesirable effects and can be used in smaller quantities

  • It is one of the most studied product, over 30000 indexes are found only in U.S. National library of Medicine (

  • It was many times demonstrates that DMSO is not toxic and its therapy profile is unquestionable

  • Pharma companies see no return on investment and though are not interested to promote DMSO

How to use DMSO

  • DMSO is generally applied to the skin in form of gel, cream, liquid; let it dry for 30 min., apply it on a clean and dry skin

  • It can be taken by mouth, IV or injections subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intraperitoneally, intrathecally, or by inhalation, instilled into the eye, on the mucous membrane and into the urinary bladder

  • Strength and dosage vary widely

  • If you deal with injuries or pain just use topically DMSO concentration of 50% to 70%

  • 99.99% DMSO is an exceptional product because it does not generate a skin smell and it can be diluted with Aloe Vera juice to improve the taste; this product is offered only by our company and DMSO Canada

  • Start with one teaspoon of DMSO 50% and increase to 1 tsp. 70%; supervise with a doctor the detox reactions; add aloe Vera and the effect is less intense in symptoms but the efficacity is the same; wait 30-60 min until the DMSO penetrated the skin

  • Pain therapy must go on for 6 weeks, however significant improvements are stated after first 2-3 days

  • One drop of a 25% DMSO solution diluted in sterile saline solution once or twice per day is very useful for eyes problems including cataract, glaucoma, macular and retinal degeneration

  • DMSO is highly effective in vascular headaches and in muscular tension which so often goes with headaches; apply on the hairy area or between the eyes

  • DMSO is useful in treating mental conditions: acute schizophrenic reactions, manic depressive phase, all kind of psychoses, alcoholic psychoses, autism, stereotypia, delusional states, sever neuroses, anxiety, obsessions

  • Schizophrenia treated with intramuscular injections with 50-80% DMSO; every single patient was discharged from hospital after 45 days; a quick decrease in agitation, recession or persecution feelings, good tendency to communicate, return to alertness, calmness

  • DMSO in conjunction with other therapies regresses cancer

  • IV DMSO helps heal leaky gut and Morbus Chron

  • DMSO is an excellent scleroderma treatment and it reverses this lethal condition

DMSO & for Stroke Therapy & Rehabilitation: Given soon after stroke, DMSO can dissolve the blood clot and restore brain blood circulation avoiding so other disabilities and paralysis; it is thus indicated in treating embolic and hemorrhagic strokes. There is usually an accumulation of water in the brain following a stroke; this water puts even more pressure on the brain. Given immediately after a stroke happened, DMSO helps decompressing the brain avoiding further damages of more brain cells.

The best way to remove brain clots is to apply topically (on the skull) DMSO and add DMSO to IV; most of brain damages can be avoided if DMSO is given immediately the stroke happened; however even 3-6 months later DMSO therapy will add significant improvements to stroke patients as DMSO helps other blood vessels to undertake the circulation work and reactivate brain cells. DMSO protects brain cells from disruption following a stroke injury; best is to apply topically DMSO (on skull) and to take orally or intramuscularly injections with DMSO; recommended oral doses are 1 teaspoons dissolved in Aloe Vera juice or in distilled water twice a day.

Stroke Cases:

  • Dr. Jacob gave his patients DMSO as IV therapy; paralyzed or paraplegics people regained usage of limbs. One quadriplegic recovered enough to go through college and then get a job in a bank

  • A lady in Oregon had a stroke and received DMSO only starting month 4, she was in coma and was given little chance to recover. She did not respond to any stimulus. After starting the topical DMSO treatment along with the oral DMSO twice a day, her brain started to respond and 4 months later she returned at home. Continuing for years her DMSO treatment, this lady was living a normal life and walked normally

  • A school teacher in LA had a major stroke during Christmas. DMSO treatment was started immediately; this lady was never taken to the hospital for further medical assistance and in January she started her normal life as a teacher, recovered 100%, she even never mentions she had a stroke

Stroke treated with DMSO for 11 days (B)

DMSO for Alzheimer & Dementia Therapy: Amyloidosis is a disease characterized by amyloid proteins abnormally deposited in various tissues; Amyloid is a protein with a secondary altered structure which it takes on an aggregated insoluble form like beta-pleated sheet. There are known today approx. 60 different amyloids, from which 36 are involved in different human diseases. It is difficult to diagnose them in early stages and many patients are going underdiagnosed. Amyloids can affect many internal organs. Amyloidosis can be localized or systemic; for ex Alzheimer is in the brain localized amyloidosis, while diabetes II is the pancreas localized amyloidosis. The heart is often involved and symptoms such as arrhythmia, irregular heartbeat up to congestive failure can be the consequences. Respiratory tract can be systemically affected, as well as spleen enlargement, gastrointestinal tract can be under amyloids attack and manifest with diarrhea, vomiting, hemorrhages. Conventional treatment of amyloidosis consists in administrating chemo-therapeutics and/or steroids with a very limited success.

A study conducted at Sachler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv university demonstrated, that DMSO dissolves the amyloid protein and can be combined with other drugs to be even more effectively delivered topically.

DMSO properties help maintain mental clarity and good brain functionality in advanced age. DMSO supports immature brain cells to mature and increases blood flow in the brain. DMSO can prevent brain death cells due to lack or insufficient oxygen at their level. DMSO helps wiring neurons due to DMSO high polarity and helps maintain mental performances into advanced age.

Alzheimer’s victims show in the brain a substance known today as beta-amyloid, a product resulted after the interaction of amyloid proteins and brain inflammations, greatly leading to a misfolding of amyloid beta proteins (Kelly theory). In a study where Alzheimer’s patients were treated with DMSO showed great improvements in memory, concentration, communication, diminishing of disorientation in space and time after only 3 months, a very noticeable improvement after 6 months of DMSO treatment.

  • Additional acupuncture stimulation with permanent implants inserted in auricular brain region specific for hippocampus, responsible to produce new brain cells, helps a lot Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients

  • A combination of these two therapy methods along with a Ketogenic diet is for sure of great help to recover these patients and bring them to a normal life quality

  • Conclusion: all dementia and Alzheimer patients should be treated with DMSO as soon as first decline in neuropsychological responses was stated

Alzheimer treated with DMSO

DMSO for Diabetes Therapy: DMSO therapy for both Diabetes I and II patients is very beneficial; for patients with Diabetes I, DMSO significantly reduces the risk of diabetic neuropathies avoiding loss of limbs.

Diabetes Cases:

  • A man who had diabetes I all his life he was not able to walk when he went 64-year-old. He had poor legs and feet circulation, he could not feel the ground anymore. He was treated with topical DMSO twice daily on feet and legs and drank one tsp. DMSO in Aloe Vera juice every day. In a few weeks, the feeling in his feet started to return and his walking was much better, he never had to think again about limbs amputation

  • A severe diabetic case in Ventura California was on the list of amputation of toes; after being treated topically with DMSO significant improvements were stated, no amputation was necessary

Given just in time, DMSO improves microcirculation by dilating capillaries and small blood vessels, which increases the microcirculation to all extremities. Combined with ketogenic diet, exercise and a healthy life style Diabetes I does not have to be an early death condition anymore

Diabetic foot Gangrene treated with DMSO

DMSO for Cancer Therapy: DMSO is a fantastic product to be used in cancer therapy, it is the best free radical’s scavenger and best detoxifying agent, it passes through body tissues and individual cells carrying other medication with it, it is the most potent anti-cancer medication by itself. Clinical studies proved, that DMSO by itself has a positive effect on leukemia cells as per studies conducted by Dr. Charlotte Friend and other top world’s virologists at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

A study was conducted by Nova University in Fort Lauderdale in FL; it was studied a combined therapy of DMSO and cyclophosphamide, an ester of nitrogen mustard; although it is known, that this drug is lethal, when combined with DMSO in smaller doses, it showed a strong anti-cancer effect with almost no side effects; if given early enough the cancer was completely cured.

DMSO by itself greatly enhances the immune system activity in cancer patients

One of the most important studies to use DMSO in cancer therapy was done in Chile between 1969 and 1971 at Military Hospital in Santiago. 65 patients were qualified as cancer incurable and most of them were before treated with conventional medicine methods, without results. By adding DMSO to cyclophosphamide, its toxicity was greatly reduced and the quantity used in therapy went down from 30 mg/kg to 3-4 mg/Kg; there were zero side effects stated. All these patients went in cancer remission. Almost a total pain reduction was observed in these patients, no morphine or other pain killers were necessary. By changing their lifestyle many of the patients were alive after years

Conclusions: chemotherapeutical drugs become less toxic and more efficient in much smaller quantities, when administrated with DMSO, side effects are being tremendously minimized.

DMSO & Laetrile (Vitamin B17) Cancer Therapy: Laetrile is known for its fantastic anti-cancer properties. The medical establishment considers laetrile as being toxic because it contains cyanide which is poisonous. They ignore the fact that to become poisonous, laetrile must get activated by an enzyme beta-glucuronidase, which is found in highest quantity only in the cancer cells. The action of this enzyme releases from laetrile hydrocyanic acid and benzaldehyde, both deadly but possible only in tumor cells. In healthy cells, there is another enzyme called rhodanese and this enzyme cannot be produced by the cancer cells; rhodanese neutralizes cyanide and converts it instantly into byproducts beneficial for the body. Laetrile is thus an anti-cancer product with great potential and is never toxic for healthy cells, it just triggers cancer cells death completely defenseless against generated cyanide under the effect of beta glucuronidase. Adding DMSO to laetrile and vitamin C, and administrating this via IV slow drip method has a demonstrated great anti-cancer effect.

Laetrile + DMSO Therapy Cases:

  • A lady near to death due to an aggressive tongue cancer, could not eat anything. After DMSO combined with laetrile and Vitamin C therapy she started to eat already on day 3 and recovered completely, a most dramatic recovery a medical doctor in Pasadena ever stated in a terminal cancer patient

  • Inoperable brain cancer 19 years old patient, usually fatal within short time (max. 3-6 months) was treated with a mixture of DMSO + laetrile and Vitamin C administrated via IV. Over 20 years later this patient was alive and enjoying life, no one knows what happened to the tumor

  • 56 years old man, located in Los Angeles had prostate cancer and a terrible radiation cystitis caused by radiation given to his cancer, he was bleeding heavily. Already after 3 days of receiving DMSO + laetrile and Vit. C therapy, the bleeding stopped and his cancer was gone. He continues to drink DMSO mixed with Aloe Vera juice every day since then

Many doctors in the world reported successful therapy using DMSO combined with laetrile and reported that this treatment is significantly more effective than chemotherapy or radiation for any kind of cancer

DMSO & Cancer Radiation: The radioprotective properties of DMSO have been known for over 40 years, therefore it is logical, that DMSO therapy must be used in any radiation therapy (Read Russian radiological journal Meditsinkskaia)

DMSO Cancer Radiation Cases:

  • DMSO was applied topically to 22 cervical cancer patients prior to radiation; 59 patients received radiation w/o DMSO protection; the 22 patients did not get any radiation burns or other toxic effects

  • A lady with lung cancer in LA was recommended to receive a heavy radiation therapy of her lungs and the doctor did not allow to give her DMSO protective therapy; she had terrible lungs burns and only after she finished the radiation therapy and started to take DMSO, she could slowly recover. In this case it was a doctor mistake not to apply DMSO before the radiation therapy

  • Another lady with lung cancer was receiving severe radiation therapy but her doctor allowed to get additional DMSO therapy before and during the radiation; she had no burns, no other toxic effects and recovered completely from her cancer several months thereafter having just a normal life. Three years thereafter she was perfectly healthy and expects to live for many more years


Cancer radiation therapy burns treated with DMSO (2 days and 1 week after)

DMSO & Liver Cirrhosis Therapy:

  • 12 Homeless people living in downtown Los Angeles presented liver cirrhosis symptoms and were considered terminal, death within 1 year at the most. They were selected for a therapy with one teaspoon full DMSO in 1 Oz Aloe Vera juice, twice per day and were imposed to give up on alcohol, drugs

  • 8 of them who respected the alcohol and drugs restrictions, succeeded in living years thereafter, stopped having cirrhosis symptoms and enjoyed a great health

  • 4 of them did not respect the requirements and did not survived; thus, DMSO alone is not enough to survive liver cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis treated with DMSO

DMSO & Gastrointestinal Therapy: Digestive disorders of different types are difficult to correctly diagnose as well as to properly and successfully treat. DMSO is a good helper and many times solves difficult problems considered to be terminal or chronic.

DMSO GI Therapy Cases:

  • An eight years old girl in LA was vomiting daily after breakfast, and was diagnosed with internal bleeding caused by a very bad fungus infection. A surgery to remove large parts of GI tract was the first choice. After another doctor treated her with DMSO twice daily, vomiting stopped after 3 days and after 2 weeks the bleeding was totally gone.

  • Dr. Aws Salim treated many patients with DMSO considered to be the very best free radicals scavenger known to mankind. In one study, he reported the stress induced in gastric mucosal injury in patients with pelvic fracture and hypovolemic shock. 57 patients from 177 were receiving DMSO with allopurinol and 67 only allopurinol. The results for patients given DMSO with allopurinol performed much better and showed positive results faster.

  • Dr. Salim also studied whether free radicals are involved in recurrence of duodenal ulcers. This study involved 302 patients and all healed faster and completely when treated with DMSO and allopurinol.

  • Five ulcer patients in NY city suffered from duodenal ulcers off and on for 10 years, being all heavy drinkers. Treatment was 1 tsp. DMSO in Aloe Vera juice, after one year they had no symptoms of ulcers and endoscopically was stated that they completely healed their ulcers

Gastric ulcer

DMSO & Infections Therapy: DMSO is by itself and in combination with antibiotics an excellent therapy choice of infections. DMSO has the capability to destroy the biofilms, penetrate cells and brain barrier, activate the immune system and blood circulation, reduce inflammations

DMSO Infections Therapy Cases:

  • A 43 years old man in LA had a heavy crushing wound on his foot and this did not heal, got infected. Different antibiotics were tried and none helped. When given IV DMSO plus antibiotic there was an immediate improvement, two weeks later the wound was completely healed.

  • Osteomyelitis is a serious and difficult to treat infection of the bone and bone marrow and often amputation is the ultima ratio or the infection can become fatal. A 36 years old man in California stepped on a large nail which penetrated deep in his foot and got infected down to the bone and terrible pain was troubling his mobility. After weeks of trying antibiotics alone with no success, when DMSO with antibiotics was given, spectacular improvements were stated. It may happen that antibiotics with DMSO dissolving biofilms are also not impacted by so called” antibiotics resistance”.

  • A 90 years old man in LA was suffering from a severe bladder infection caused by a previous prostate carcinoma surgery; he was on diapers for many years due to his inability to control the urination Treated conventionally with antibiotics and cranberry juice he was still infected and no improvement was possible. Finally, DMSO was added to this therapy and after 4 days only the man returned home perfectly healed, the infection never returned.

DMSO & Interstitial Cystitis Therapy: DMSO was approved by FDA as treatment for interstitial cystitis (an inflammation of inner bladder mucosa not caused by an infection). Since 1978 DMSO is the single treatment of this condition and it still is very successfully applied. Many doctors combine DMSO given directly in the bladder via catheter (instillation) with the classical 1 tsp. in 2 Oz Aloe Vera juice given orally. Both interstitial cystitis and radiation cystitis resulted after cancer irradiation therapy are very serious problems for the patients and DMSO is the best treatment choice.

DMSO has absolute unique therapeutic properties and is one of the most important remedies for the relief of human suffering. It is useful either by itself or in combination with other conventional medication, such as antibiotics, chemo drugs, steroids, or naturopathic remedies. Every doctor should become knowledgeable about DMSO treatments, which can be incorporated in any practice with tremendous benefits in the therapy of almost all diseases acute or chronic. DMSO is one of the nature’s healer among the most efficacious ever uncovered and you, patients and doctors are entitled to use it: with DMSO total pain relief is now possible, serious and almost terminal pathologies are reversible and good health is reachable at very low costs.